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Following many years of collaboration with a variety of industries in the most varied fields, also our products have become very particular and varied. From rivets with simple geometries to adjuster screws with various adjustment diameters; from parts with minimal mechanical requirements to parts which must endure very long working cycles (over 200.000); from non-aesthetic parts to parts which must maintain high aesthetic qualities for many years.

The raw materials are also varied: from parts made from various grades of carbon based steel to those made from various grades of stainless steel; from parts made from brass to parts made from aluminium or copper.

We are able to supply parts completely finished: heat treated, galvanised, zinc plated or other finishes as requested by the customer.

The factors which unite so many varied products with so many different characteristics and requirements are the attention and the care which we give to service, quality and customer satisfaction. Not only do we supply the product requested but we also provide our expertise, which is the fruit of experience and passion matured over these years.

Solid pins and semi-holed rivets, with and without chamfer 
Solid pins and semi-holed rivets,
with and without chamfer
Adjustment Cams 
Smooth and knurled pins 
and knurled pins
Studs and<br />multiple-diameters pivots” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-169″ /><span class= 
Studs and
multiple-diameters pivots
Not standardized special screws 
Not standardized
special screws
Roll formed pivots 
Roll formed