Production The quality at the customer’s service


The main advantage of this technology compared to other production methods for the such parts, is that there is no removal of material and thus no waste. This lack of waste is automatically transformed into an obvious economical advantage and the faster process of cold forming also meets the demand for the production of a greater, economical quantities of parts in a much shorter time, compared to other traditional production methods.


Our production is based exclusively on customer requirements and according to their design and technical specifications. We evaluate each project and propose specific, custom solutions as and when necessary.

Our range of machines includes forge machines with various characteristics: from simple “double shot” to transfer machines which produce parts, with complex geometry, in multi step production processes in order to obtain various diameters, deep extrusions and particular or difficult shapes. Last but not least, our rolling and knurling machines complete the range and are used for the production of special micro screws and knurled pins with various forms and dimensions of knurl.

The design and development of tooling is made 100% in house and, thanks to the synergy between departments, it is possible to obtain cutting edge production tooling and samples in record time. The constant and innovative support of our Tool Department “Eurotools” in collaboration with our Technical Department allows us, not only to obtain complex geometries but above all to obtain a high standard of quality and tolerances in the production of precision parts.